Nekaj besed …

As a little girl I always dreamt about having my own dog. It took me 32 years to come from that dream to an actual realization. In the meantime my time was completely taken over by horses, who still are my great love.


On one sunny day, I was spending time with my mare Ruby when I saw a flatcoated retriever and it was love at first sight. In June 2016 my great wish came true. Our family was joined by a flatcoated retriever Aileenkalls Alfie and he planted joy and happiness in our hearts. Without any experience and knowledge Alfie and me began our journy into the world of cynology.

A random purchase was followed by some good luck and Alfie became a beautiful young male, who intruduced me to the world of dog shows and retriever trainings. I was really proud when Alfie and me passed a lot of important tests, when we achieved good results at shows and when we got our breeding permit.

It is true what they say, that the flatcoated retrievers win you over, they certainly won me over! In September 2017 I decided to get another one, this time a black flatcoated retriever. This time I made a great plan, using all of my new knowledge.

Our little miracle, with the pedigree name RonRaj It’s A Kind Of Magic has brought joy into our house. His breeder from the RonRaj kennel saw the enthusiasm in me and she gave me the opportunity to co-own this little black bundle of joy.

This is how I have become a part of a big and great RonRaj family. I am working in close cooperation with the breeder Jasna Jeraj and I am discovering new things about this wonderful breed. I am forever thankful for all the knowledge I am getting and for this opportunity!

A special thanks goes to my father! Without his support and help, my dreams would have never become a reality.